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            Servo motor driver working requirements

            1. Wide speed change range.
            2. High precision level.
            3. Sufficient transmission system rigidity and high speed reliability.
            4. Fast response, no overshoot, to ensure production efficiency and product processing quality, in addition to a higher precision level, it also requires excellent fast response characteristics, that is, it is stipulated that the response of the tracking command data signal should be fast, because the CNC machine tool starts . The specified acceleration and deceleration of the braking system is large, and the stepper motor driver reduces the time of the whole process of software connection of the cutting tool system, and reduces the deviation of wheel-rail connection.
            5. The low-speed gear has large torque and strong overload capacity.
            Generally speaking, the servo motor driver has the ability to overload by more than 1.5 times within a few minutes or even 30 minutes, and can be overloaded by 4 to 6 times in a short period of time without being damaged.
            6. High reliability
            It is stipulated that the CNC lathe tool drive has a high reliability index, good reliability during work, and the ability to integrate into the natural environment, such as temperature, environmental humidity, vibration, etc., and has strong anti-interference ability.
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